BAXTER is an innovative best execution and technology group specialized in the currency markets. Our mission is to open access to the most competitive and liquid FX markets in the most efficient way.

Total flexibility in the
world's largest market.

  • Treasury or Futures Style reporting
  • Access to all of the most popular ECNs
  • Margin your positions across all platforms and all currencies
  • Real-time Risk Management
  • See all your positions in one online site, updated in real time
  • No mark-ups
  • Sophisticated PAMM module




In-house technology

Our technology team responds to customer needs quickly and efficiently. All BAXTER systems are built and supported with proprietary technology.

Put simply, this means BAXTER systems are more reliable and adaptive than any white-labelled system or platforms using 3rd party technologies. Every aspect of our trading systems can be customized to meet specific customer requirements

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